International Transfer of Luxury Chairs to Cannes!

AMT is delighted to share its latest project for its client, a renowned private beach in Cannes, showcasing their expertise in international logistics.
Departure from Jacksonville, Florida marked the beginning of an exciting adventure!

  • Client: Renowned Private Beach in Cannes, FRANCE
  • Departure: Jacksonville, Florida
  • Arrival: Cannes, France

Time Constraint
The dedicated team brilliantly orchestrated the door-to-door air freight shipment in just 10 days, following a precise schedule and ensuring a smooth and punctual transition. Each phase was meticulously planned to ensure the project’s success.

International Logistics
The collaboration between our members, AMT and Conser Moving & Storage of Jacksonville, LLC, ensured the safe and efficient transport of 49 vintage chairs for AMT’s client. Our commitment to excellence was reflected in every step of the process.

OMA Collaboration
To successfully complete this international mission, AMT project manager, Denis Asseraf, ask for the help of our member Conser Moving & Storage of Jacksonville, LLC in Jacksonville, Florida. A big thank you to Jason Tiedeberg and Brittany Brooks for their valuable assistance!

Commitment to Excellence
We are proud of the success of this project, reinforcing our commitment to impeccable international logistics solutions. Each step was completed with precision, reflecting our dedication to providing high-quality services.

Congratulations to the entire team for this successful international transfer project!