Société Générale Paris – Trading Rooms

AMT is operating for 15 years on a daily basis, as a best supplier, at Société Générale, to reorganize and install all the trading rooms. Each trading room constitutes a complete level of 5000 square meters.

Client requirement :
Société Générale was expecting some expertise, organization, reactivity and operations monitoring for all their trading rooms in Paris which include a fleet of 2900 trading positions with 5000 central units linked to 8500 screens.

Solutions :
AMT has deployed the following solutions:

    • AMT carried out the complete transfer of the largest trading rooms in Europe from October 2013 to    April 2014 by mobilizing during the pre-installation phases during the week and the weekend completion between 30 and 50 movers per phase .
    • Since then, AMT and its teams move each year 1000 to 1500 trading positions per year
    • A high level team of IT experts to move trading positions daily in trading rooms and servers.
    • A real-time system receiving requests and planning interventions and executions
    • A monitoring system, assessing demand and following completion.

    Editis – Bolloré Group

    Background :
    Editis is one of major publishers in France. Spread over 3 sites in Paris, Editis wanted to group all of its 1,200 employees on a single site

    Client Requirement:
    The Editis Group, in order to preserve continuity of work, asked AMT to carry out all transfers over the last 10 days of 2019 including 200 employees, disconnected reconnected 1,200 computer workstations, packed, transferred then unpacked more than 22 kms of books and documents, 1000 m3 of boxes and furniture and finally emptied then recycled with the help of our partner Valdelia more than 6500 m3 of furnitures distributed over the three departure sites.

    Solution :
    AMT has produced an operational schedule allowing simultaneous management of transfer operations at the 3 departure sites. Transfers took place 24 hours a day and for 10 days, mobilizing 2 project managers and 4 coordinators and more than 50 movers per day across all 3 sites.