Newport City Council’s Information Station provides crucial support to residents by offering information on housing and council tax benefits, business rates, social services, child protection, access to supported employment, and blue badges.

Client Requirements

The Council needed to relocate its services from Newport’s Information Station to the city’s central library and museum. This move involved a one-month gap between vacating the previous location on Queensway and completing the fit-out work at the new site. Consequently, a storage solution was required for all furniture, including desks, a storage wall, meeting room furniture, lockers, chairs, and soft seating.


During the initial pre-planning meeting, a comprehensive relocation plan was developed with clear communication channels established. The project involved the challenging task of moving a large volume of furniture from the Old Station building, which had restricted vehicle access due to a bus lane directly outside.

To address this challenge, smaller vehicles were used to navigate between bollards and park closer to the building’s main exit. In response to the Council’s interest in cost-saving measures, Furniture Fitters were deployed to dismantle all 100 desks and storage wall units, reducing the storage space needed and, consequently, the costs.

A Move Manager coordinated the relocation, overseeing the inventory compilation of the removed furniture, documenting its condition, and its storage location within the Cardiff warehouse. Upon completion, the customer approved the inventory and received an electronic copy.

After six months in storage, all furniture was delivered to the newly refurbished Central Museum and Library. To protect the new space, hardboard was installed on floors and correx on walls and lifts. Desks and storage wall units were reassembled and the furniture was placed according to plans and drawings provided by the Council staff.


The project was successfully completed without any missing or damaged furniture, much to the client’s satisfaction. Careful planning ensured that the project was delivered on time, with every piece of furniture intact.