Franzosini, part of FMN Group S.r.l. (in Italy) was chosen by FENDI to undertake their office move in Florence.

Being a world-famous fashion house, the exquisite style of the company was also reflected in their offices; furniture, desks, meeting rooms, conference centre and reception all resplendent office equipment, made from prime materials, and very delicate.

The origin Service reflected Franzosini’ customary quality, and no damages occurred. Some of the inhouse fashion designers complimented the Franzosini crews for their outfits. Not only, Franzosini vehicles received praise for their colours, and cartons for their logo design. Has Franzosini started a new trend, or given FENDI an idea for next year’s design concepts!

The move was finished in time, and praise was given to the president of FMS Group (Mr Francesco Mercadante) by FENDI director on the professionalism of all involved.

PRADA or GUCCI could be next. We’ll keep you posted..