Our OMA Europe Member Cronin Group recently undertook a challenging task: extracting and re-delivering beds, bases, and mattresses from 65 rooms across six floors of a five-star hotel in Dublin, all within a tight one-day window.

Here’s how they did it:

Efficient Planning and Execution

  • Pre-Planning: Detailed job survey and collaboration with the hotel project manager.
  • Risk Assessment: Comprehensive assessment ensuring safety and efficiency.
  • Team Allocation: Twelve men per floor, two per lift, and a fleet of loading vehicles.
  • Protective Measures: Safeguarding the hotel’s property during extraction.
  • Item Tagging: Accurate tagging for the re-delivery.
  • Packaging: Careful wrapping of mattresses and bases for protection.
  • Loading Procedure: Coordinated loading of items onto trucks, floor by floor.
  • Securing the Load: Ensuring safe transit of all items.
  • Warehouse Storage: Secure storage until re-delivery.

Re-Delivery Process

One week later, Cronin Group redelivered, unpacked, and assembled everything with the same meticulous care, ensuring minimal disruption to the hotel’s operations.


Immediate Impact: Successful clearing and re-delivery in a single day, allowing the hotel to prepare and host the conference without delays.
Post-Conference Satisfaction: High praise from the hotel staff for a stress-free and efficient process.


OMA Europe’s expertise in large-scale relocations was on full display thanks to Cronin Group, ensuring precision and professionalism every step of the way.

Congratulations to Cronin Group to have facilitated a seamless transition for this prestigious hotel!