We are delighted to share the successful completion of a prestigious project with the University of St Andrews, where our OMA member Pickfords had the privilege of relocating their valuable Special Collections. As one of Scotland’s ancient universities, preserving their historical treasures was a responsibility we cherished.

Careful Planning in a Live Environment
The relocation of these rare printed books, manuscripts, photographs, and the university archive from three locations in St Andrews to a storage facility in Dundee demanded meticulous planning. Our team worked tirelessly to ensure that the move took place during working hours while causing minimal disruption to the university’s operations.

A Comprehensive Solution with Precision
With our expertise in library moves and sequential packing, we collaborated closely with the University to craft a detailed plan. Our services included providing skilled labor, state-of-the-art transport, specialized handling equipment, and bespoke packing crates. We took utmost care to ensure the delicate handling and protection of these invaluable collections.

Protection against Adverse Weather
Understanding the importance of safeguarding these precious artifacts, we covered all materials with polythene sheeting during transportation, offering an added layer of protection against adverse weather conditions.

Seamless Relocation and Precise Arrangement
Upon reaching the storage facility, the collections were meticulously placed on shelves following the same organization as they were boxed and wrapped before the move. Every step adhered to strict insurance requirements, with a dedicated driver overseeing loading, unloading, and continuous supervision during transit.

Mission Accomplished
The successful execution of this project has provided the University of St Andrews with a complete solution for the relocation of their Special Collections. We are proud to have met all agreed-upon timelines, ensuring minimal disruptions to the university’s esteemed staff and students.

Gratitude and Commitment
We extend our sincere gratitude to the University of St Andrews for entrusting us with this significant responsibility. Our dedication to preserving history and ensuring excellence in our services has been the driving force behind this remarkable achievement.