Thrilled to share the success story of our OMA member Pickfords who recently managed the Records Relocation project with the East Sussex County Council.


Pickfords’ team collaborated with East Sussex County Council’s Records Management Service to relocate their records store from Hailsham to a new facility in Eastbourne. With responsibility for preserving regional records, the move involved transferring 50,000 archive boxes in sequential order while maintaining collection integrity.


After an extensive survey, Pickfords developed a detailed relocation plan to ensure safe working practices. Pickfords palletized the first 5,000 books, freeing up the existing mobile racking unit, and relocated the remaining boxes over 10 working days. Despite challenges, such as delayed building works and incorrectly pitched shelves, the team’s proactive approach and effective liaison with other contractors ensured a smooth operation.

Challenges & Solutions

  • Project Delays: Pickfords adjusted start dates to accommodate building delays.
  • Shelving Issues: Incorrectly pitched shelves and smaller sizes were swiftly addressed, maintaining project momentum.
  • Health & Safety: Adhering to site rules, Pickfords’ team prioritized health and safety, including COVID-19 regulations, alarms, fire precautions, and entry/exit points.


Pickfords completed the project on time, even overcoming re-shelving delays, and finished under budget, saving costs on unused cages. The Council praised the team’s dedication, particularly commending our Archive Specialist for exceptional knowledge of box locations.

Client Testimonial

“The Pickfords team exceeded our expectations with their work effort and skill in carrying out the task. The Archive Specialist’s exceptional knowledge made a significant impact on the success of the project. We’re delighted with the outcome!” – East Sussex County Council