Cadent Gas, a major British gas distribution company, manages the largest natural gas network in the UK, serving 11 million homes and businesses.
In 2022, the company constructed a 25,000-square-foot regional hub in Wolverhampton, accommodating 160 workstations, meeting rooms, and welfare facilities.

After an extensive survey, Pickfords secured the contract for removal services. They implemented a multi-site, multi-phase relocation plan, involving the dismantling, transportation, and reassembly of 160 office desks and associated furnishings, filing, and IT equipment.

Pickfords’ local teams executed the relocation over three weekends, ensuring a seamless transition for staff.

Furniture Redistribution
Pickfords not only relocated Cadent Gas to its new regional hub but also facilitated the movement of surplus furnishings to other Cadent sites and nominated charities, promoting sustainability and community engagement.

Health and Safety Approach
Pickfords prioritized safety in the ‘live environment.’ Staff adhered to Cadent Gas’s site rules, encompassing Health & Safety, COVID-19 regulations, alarms, fire precautions, and entry/exit protocols.

Pickfords delivered a comprehensive relocation solution for Cadent Gas, moving them to Planetary Road. The project achieved minimal disruption to staff and adhered to the agreed plan and timelines, showcasing efficient planning and execution.