Exciting Headquarters Relocation Success for Currie & Brown! 

Currie & Brown, the globally recognized asset management and construction consultancy, has triumphantly completed the relocation of its headquarters from 40 Holborn Viaduct to the new dynamic space at 150 Holborn Viaduct, London.

Background: Currie and Brown
In their pursuit of excellence, Currie & Brown continues to be a leading force in global asset management and construction consultancy. They specialize in providing project management, cost management, and advisory services across the public and private sectors.

Client Requirements
Facing the need for relocation, Currie & Brown prioritized business continuity and premises protection. The challenge was not only met but exceeded, as the company aimed to maintain the same departmental groupings in a new layout, perfectly suited for their modern office space.

Solution: Expertly Executed by Pickfords
Responding to tight timelines, Pickfords crafted a comprehensive project plan within 7 days. Key stakeholder involvement was crucial to ensure a clear understanding of project requirements across all parties.

Pickfords demonstrated their prowess by decommissioning IT workstations, carefully packing monitors and AV equipment, and efficiently dismantling and reassembling locker blocks and desking at the new address in pre-agreed layouts.

Collaborative project planning meetings with security teams from both buildings ensured a smooth transition in access requirements. Night and day shifts were seamlessly integrated into the project sequence, optimizing productivity at every stage of the relocation.

All IT setups were recommissioned and fully operational before Pickfords staff left the site. Locker blocks were meticulously dismantled into flat panels and rebuilt with care at the new site.

Summary: Seamless Relocation Achievement
Pickfords accomplished a flawless relocation for Currie & Brown, ensuring no disruption to business operations and safeguarding all furniture and equipment.

Items relocated and set up in the new office include:

  • 218 desks, pedestals, and chairs
  • 237 monitors and arms
  • 12 large locker blocks
  • 6 racks
  • 8 AV screens
  • 3 safes
  • 155 full crates

Kudos to Pickfords for their dedication and meticulous execution! Currie & Brown is now comfortably settled in their new headquarters, poised for continued success.