AMT Transfert has successfully completed 3 offices relocations for its client, a renowned international hedge fund, in May and June 2023.

Let’s dive into the details:

1. AMT handled an external business transfer in Paris, involving the consolidation of two buildings into a single facility.
This complex operation required meticulous planning and execution, ensuring a seamless transition for the client.

2. The company facilitated an external business transfer from Germany to Switzerland in collaboration with OMA partner: Hertling Gmbh.
AMT ensured a smooth relocation, guaranteeing the safety and security of the client’s IT assets among others throughout the journey.

3. AMT successfully managed an in-house transfer in Luxembourg, specifically relocating the second floor of the building to the ground floor.
The OMA partner Streff provided invaluable support in executing this transfer flawlessly.

AMT Transfert, takes pride in their ability to coordinate overall transfers on a European scale. This project served as an opportunity for OMA Europe to showcase their expertise, handling not only the logistical aspects but also the sensitive nature of the client’s IT materials and employees items.

It’s worth mentioning that this engagement marks the beginning of a fruitful partnership with this new prestigious client.
AMT and OMA Europe look forward to continuing the collaboration and exceeding their expectations in future endeavors.

Together, OMA Europe will navigate the intricacies of relocation and ensure a seamless transition for businesses.