What would you do, if your local customer is asking you for office moving services at a location more than 6.000 miles away? Just call your local Office Moving Alliance partner and get things moved! That is OMA!

That happened to the Office Moving Alliance partner Corovan, based in California.

One of their important customers, a global player in the IT-industry with HQ in San Francisco, needed office moving services in Germany / Berlin!

The account and project manager Freddy Dumasia of Corovan had only to contact HERTLING, the German Office Moving Alliance partner.

Hertling did contact the representative of Corovan’s customer in Berlin and assessed the services needed. And shortly after that Corovan did get the approval from the US-based purchase officer of their customer for the services to be executed in Germany.

On behalf of Corovan, Hertling did perform services such as packing and unpacking of office furniture, office moving into a new location in Berlin, inhouse-moving of workplaces, IT- dis- and reconnect, storage of office furniture and dump of electrical-waste.

A proof, that this cooperation went super well is, that Corovan with the assistance of Hertling in Germany, has been servicing the customer for many years & continues to do so even today.  

This is a great example for what OMA means to the network partners and their customers.

Your  local customer gets a global service out of one hand!