Mondial Movers carried out the relocation of Dutch organization Urgenda with the use of a 100% electric truck and moving lift. This was the reason that Urgenda chose Mondial Movers for the relocation of their office in the Amsterdam area.

The Dutch Urgenda Foundation aims for a fast transition towards a sustainable society, with a focus on the transition towards a circular economy using only renewable energy. It works on solutions for this transition, including for example the introduction and realization of ‘energy neutral’ houses and acceleration of electric mobility. Urgenda views climate change as one of the biggest challenges of our times and is looking for solutions that ensure that the earth will continue to be a safe place to live for our future generations.

Therefore, Urgenda-director Marjan Minnesma was happy to hear that moving company Mondial Movers could carry out a 100% electric relocation. “You have to practice what you preach”, Marjan says. The office relocation was carried out by Mondial Aad de Wit, Mondial Movers’ local branch office in Amsterdam. In 2011, Mondial Aad de Wit was the first moving company in The Netherlands to carry out relocations by use of fully electric vehicles.