Esa Niemi

Position: Director, partner

Niemi Services Ltd is currently running about 35,000 removals and about 60,000 other service projects a year. In addition to corporate, private and international removals, we also specialize in a wide range of other logistics services, e.g. with events management, delivery and assembly logistics, and expertise expo services. With 7 locations across Finland, nearly 1,300 trained service professionals and 140 vehicles Niemi is Finland’s leading moving and logistics services provider. We offer Finland’s cleanest moving and logistics services. 100% of our fleet runs on renewable fuel: biogas and renewable diesel. Also, the aim of our extensive recycling system is to minimize the environmental impact of the recycled materials and therefore 0% of the materials recycled through us end up in a landfill.

Company information:
Niemi Services Ltd
Hankasuontie 11 B, 00390 Helsinki Finland
Phone number: +358 20 554 554
email address: